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Make Your Quotes Standout with These 10 Best Inspirational Fonts

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People read inspirational quotes everywhere and sometimes it can get boring or even overwhelming. You don’t want people to scroll past your inspirational quotes content. Therefore, you need to choose the right font and design to make sure it catches your audience’s attention.

Here are the 10 best inspirational fonts to inspire you!

1. Helena Signature

Inspirational Fonts

What is better than an inspirational quote written in a handwriting style? Helena Signature is the best font that will look perfect and inspiring for your quote. It has an elegant style with special features that will make any sentence you write look pretty.

A handwriting signature style offers a familiar and personal feeling. Therefore it will give your inspirational quote an intimate feeling that will move the readers. The strokes are engaging and attractive, making it easier for you to catch your reader’s attention.

This font works on PC and Mac with a simple installation process. It also supports Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word. Therefore you will be able to design your quotes in any medium you want.

2. Baltidore

Inspirational Fonts

If you are looking for an elegant-looking font for your inspirational quotes, then look no further! Baltidore is the perfect choice to write an inspiring motivation for your audience. The aesthetic shape with stylistic alternates will give you the freedom you need when designing an inspiring quote for any purpose.

This font supports multi-languages so you can create the best inspirational quotes in languages that feel closer to your audience. Therefore, your audience will feel more seen and relatable with your quotes.

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3. Sweet Dating

Inspirational Fonts

Just like its name suggests, this font exudes sweetness and romanticism, perfect for inspirational love quotes.  The handwriting style shows a delicate, elegant, and refined feel that is not only lovely to look at, but also easily grabs attention. Use this font to create beautiful and heartwarming love quotes to inspire lovers out there!

Sweet Dating font features stylistic alternates and ligatures for easier use. It is PUA Encoded and works well both on PC and Mac with a simple installation process. You will be able to access it in various software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, as well as Microsoft Word.

4. Quinka

Inspirational Fonts

Quinka is a cute and casual handwritten font that will look perfect for an inspirational quote. It will make your quote feel more personal and relatable, which will move your audience and inspire them. 

The chubby letters will be visible even on busy backgrounds. Therefore, you have more flexibility in designing your inspirational quote using this font for design project. It features ligatures and alternates for an easier design process. It also supports multi languages so you can easily use this font in various languages as needed.

5. Eveliana

Inspirational Fonts

Eveliana is another beautiful modern script font with a nice flow in each letter. Your inspirational quotes will look lovely using this font. You can use this font as a personalized quote for your thank you card, business card, or any other purposes. The modern look gives this font the flexibility you need when designing a creative project.

It features ligatures and alternates that are easy to combine. It also features uppercase, lowercase, numbering, and punctuation. Therefore, it is easy to use this font and you will not have to download additional fonts or features when creating an inspirational quote using this font.

6. Louries

Inspirational Fonts

This serif font offers a creative and fancy look with a lot of unique ligatures and alternates. That is why this font will look beautiful for any stylistic design such as logos or inspirational quotes. Louries has a touch of classy, elegant, and chic vibe that will easily grab your audience’s attention.

With a simple installation process, you can use this font on a PC or Mac and in various programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word. It also supports multi-languages for more flexibility in the design process.

7. Westiga

Inspirational Fonts

Westiga is a beautiful modern serif font with stylistic alternates and ligatures, perfect for any design purpose. This font offers a modern and luxurious feel that will give your quote design a refined and professional look. It is perfect for quotes in business magazines, wedding invitation or posters, or on merchandise.

The font has high contrast between thick and thin strokes which give it a balanced and classical look. Therefore, if you are looking for a font that can give you a powerful impact, Westiga is a good choice.

8. Nigelina

Inspirational Fonts

A modern and vintage font will also look stunning for an inspirational quote. It gives a refined and luxurious feel that will look lovely on a stylish-looking background. Nigelina is the perfect pair for an elegant and stylish background.

It has soft swashes and smooth curves that will enhance the classiness of your inspirational quotes. It also features stylistic alternates and ligatures so you can easily design your attention-grabbing inspirational quotes.  You can design your beautiful and heartwarming quotes using this font in various software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

9. Insigma

Inspirational Fonts

Sometimes bold fonts can help you deliver your messages better. Since you will want your inspirational quotes to move your readers’ hearts, then you will need to use this bold serif typeface. Insigma is a beautiful serif font with high contrast and is very versatile. It looks elegant and sophisticated which will make your quote design more stunning.

 It is PUA Encoded for easier use and supports multi-language as well. With minimum installation effort, you can use it both on PC and Mac easily without having to download additional features.

10. Kavitta

Inspirational Fonts

Last but not least is Kavitta, a modern and simple typeface that creates a feeling of nostalgia and elegance. This font is perfect to create heartwarming quotes that feel close and personal thanks to the retro look.

The combination of vintage charm and modern aesthetics will make your audience stop a little bit to admire your beautifully-designed inspirational quotes.

To create inspirational quotes that are grabbing the attention of your audience, you will not only need to write a good quote. How a quote looks against the background will also affect how your audience perceives your quote’s design. With these 10 recommended fonts, you will be able to create inspirational quotes that not only sound great but also look stunning as well.

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