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15 Best New Fonts August 2023 for a Head-Turner Project

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Choosing the right font is a make-or-break decision. The right combination will make your project stand out, but the wrong one will not make the much-needed impact.

Here are the 15 best new fonts that you can choose from to make an impact on your design project.

1. Keslie

Best New Fonts

Keslie is the type of font that you want to use when you are working on a project for stylish products. This modern and elegant font has charming characteristics that will showcase the elegance of your design project and make it stand out.

The clean letterforms create sophisticated looks that will make it a perfect font for high-end brands or fancy editorial layouts. It has balanced proportions that will help your text stand out against the background.

2. Merilux

Best New Fonts

Merilux is another alternative you can try if you’re looking for a font with a sleek and modern design. The sleek style will give your design a touch of elegance and sophistication. The light shape with elegant curves will make your design stand out. It is perfect for logos, heading, monograms, merchandise design, and many more.

3. Grindale

Best New Fonts

You can also add class to your design by using a modern and classic font. Grindale font offers you these characteristics that will make your design stand out among the crowd. This bold font combines elegance and a contemporary edge that makes this font look perfect for a luxurious brand design. You can use this font for logos, headlines, or other design elements that need to grab attention.

4. Westiga

Best New Fonts

The Serif font looks clear and easy to read, making it perfect for a headline. Adding a stylish serif font means you will have legible yet beautiful text for your design. You can get this by using Westiga.

The modern and luxury font is beautifully crafted to meet your need for a stylish yet legible design. This font is PUA encoded and features stylistic alternates and ligatures. Therefore, it gives you the flexibility to use the font for various purposes such as packaging, magazine headlines, logos, monograms, posters, and many more.

5. Orange Squash

Best New Fonts

The vintage design will never go out of style and will always come back every year to give a fresh look to your design. Orange Squash can help you relive the classic and playful theme of your design. The chunky and playful curves give this font a fun and refreshing feel that makes it perfect for any fun-themed design.

6. Neon Vibes

Best New Fonts

Neon Vibes is another retro-looking font that you have to try if you want your design to attract attention. The retro neon light will create captivating headlines or logos. The bright and bold design enhances the fun retro night vibes. It will make a great choice for retro and nostalgic design themes.

This font is versatile and will be easy to use for any design purpose. Whether you just want to add a little touch of personality to your design or working on a full retro-themed project, Neon Vibes is the perfect font to try.

7. Genezyte

Best New Fonts

Genezyte is another cool design you can use to attract attention. This font comes with a unique design with clean lines. It is chunky and bold, making it perfect for headlines, logos, or any design purpose that needs to make an impact.

This font has a monospace design that adds the futuristic feel. That is why it is a great choice for design projects related to technology or any future-themed design. It is also versatile and easy to use as it supports multiple languages.

8. Ramadhan Day

Best New Fonts

You might have guessed that this font will have an Arabic style, and you are correct. This modern font will add elegance to your design thanks to its sleek lines and flowing curves. This font will be perfect for any Islam-themed design, especially ones related to Ramadan month.

The font is PUA encoded and features ligatures and stylistic alternates. Therefore, you will be able to easily use this font for any purpose and on various devices without having to install another program.

9. Pumpkin Night

Best New Fonts

Just in a glimpse, you can see this font will be easily associated with Halloween. This font has a bold character and will enhance the fantasy and horror feel of your design. It supports multiple languages and will work on PC and Mac with simple installations.

10. Merlove

Best New Fonts

To make sure that your design easily catches attention, you will need a strong display font that can make an impact. Merlove has these characteristics, making it a perfect choice for branding.

This bold font is all caps and features stylistic alternates, numbering, and punctuation. Therefore, you will find it easy to incorporate this font into your design project as the headline.

11. Danviska

Best New Fonts

Use Danviska if you are looking for a serif font with a classic and elegant feel. The swashes create a feminine vibe that will make your design project look calming and nice. It features stylistic alternates and ligatures for ease of use.

Danviska is also PUA encoded. Therefore, you can easily access all the glyphs without having to install additional software on your computer.

12. Barbaro Western

Best New Fonts

The Wild Wild West font design will help you attract attention. Use this Barbaro Western if you are looking for a stand-out display font. It is a combination of modern and gallant styles in one font that will make every head turn at your design.

13. Palacio

Best New Fonts

When contemporary and traditional font styles are mixed, you will get this cool Palacio font. This font has a modern look and feel, yet it is simple and conventional without too many swirls or swashes. Choose this font if you want a simple design yet still want to make an impact.

14. Kawoszeh

Best New Fonts

Kawoszeh has fine and delicate strokes that look classy and stylish. The unusual glyphs make this font look unique like no other. This font will be a good choice for a headline or supporting lines on your poster or other design purpose.

15. Bobber

Best New Fonts
Credit: creativeblog

Last but not least is Bobber, the unique thin all-caps font that will give your design a fresh look. Use this font for your heading to attract attention with its fun and classic style.

Now you have the 15 recommended new fonts for August 2023. Make sure to use this font alone or combine it with the right font combination to create an impactful design.

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