Term Of Services

Last updated on Feb 16, 2023

The following terms of service govern your use of our font. By using our font, you agree to be bound by these terms.

  1. You may not open, edit, or modify fonts. However, converting fonts to paths and editing them in programs such as Illustrator is permitted, provided that the results are not converted back to font for redistribution.
  2. You cannot redistribute fonts because the copyright is still with us.
  3. Editing and/or changing the font name is not permitted. This does not constitute an original font creation and does not negate the original license terms. Our font library can provide you with special font designs, adaptations, and related licenses for all your needs.
  4. Using font elements as the basis for new fonts is not permitted.
  5. Respect for copyright is paramount. The legal consequences of using non-licensed or adapted fonts can be very expensive and result in the removal of all infringing copies. Poorly adapted fonts often have serious technical and design errors, including missing kerning (contextual letter space), missing characters, bad spaces, incorrect point construction, clash ID fonts, and missing counters because of the wrong direction. To ensure legal and safe use, please obtain the necessary licenses.
  6. More details will be added to the following files once the item is downloaded.

For more information about our extended license or if you have any questions about our font, please contact us.

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