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10 Stunning Instagram Fonts to Make Your Feeds Trending

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Instagram posts need to be informative as well as visually pleasing. Using the right font will help you add an aesthetic aspect to your Instagram posts. However, with the abundant options out there, how can you choose the right one for your project?

Don’t worry! We have 10 recommended Instagram fonts that will make your posts stand out and help your feeds quickly popular!

1. Zanna

Instagram Fonts
Credit: creativemarket

Luxurious and expensive-looking brands need an expensive-looking Instagram Feed. You will a font that can boost the sophisticated and expensive look of your brand. Zanna offers a unique luxurious feel with its thicker lines.

The balanced combination of thick and thin lines gives this font a unique feel of luxury and at the same time has decent visibility. The font is easy to read so you don’t have to deal with the problem of people reading your brand wrong due to too many swashes or curves.

Zanna has bold and large letters which makes it perfect for a logo or as a headline on your Instagram posts. People will not miss your Instagram post anymore!

2. Merisca

Instagram Fonts

While serif font is great for legibility purposes, it doesn’t have to look boring. Merisca is a bold and condensed serif font that combines great legibility and decoration. That makes it ideal for a headline or other Instagram posts since not only it looks beautiful, but it is also easy to read.

Another great thing about Merisca is its extensive character set with a lot of stylistic alternates and ligatures. It also supports multiple languages for easier use!

3. Scratch Out

Instagram Fonts

Scratch Out offers a cool and edgy look with its modern brush style. You can use this font to add a rough, urban look to your Instagram post’s design. What makes this font unique is that each stroke of this font has a handmade and authentic feel to it. It will look perfect for your urban-themed Instagram style.

It has stylistic alternates and ligatures that add versatility. It is also PUA encoded with extensive characters and supports multiple languages. Therefore, you will be able to use this font easily.

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4. Quinten

Instagram Fonts

If you prefer thin letters with thin lines, then you will like Quinten. This serif font comes with a modern and classy appeal that embodies elegance and luxury. The aesthetic shape will make your Instagram post look and feel different and surely will grab your audience’s attention.

Quinten is versatile and easy to use for any theme that you are designing. No matter what type of Instagram account you have, Quinten can help you makes it stand out with its aesthetic and chic style.

5. Gattos Breu

Instagram Fonts

If you need a fun, playful, and bold font, you are going to love Gattos Breu. This font will make your Instagram pop with its vintage groovy and retro design. Add bright colors and you will have a 90s retro style that will look great for your Instagram. 

The font comes with stylistic alternates and ligatures that give you flexibility in using the fonts for your Instagram design. Since it is a sans-serif font, Gattos Breu has high legibility which means it is really easy to read. However, it also looks cool which makes this font has a decorative aspect as well.

6. Merilux

Instagram Fonts

If you need another alternative of modern fonts for your modern-themed Instagram posts, then consider trying Merilux. This font offers a touch of luxury with its elegant curves and sleek lines. This stylish font will look perfect for your Instagram headline post, signature, monograms, and many more.

You will be able to easily adjust the font as it features stylistic alternates and ligatures. It also supports multi-languages which makes Merilux even more versatile. With a minimal installation process, you can easily use this font on PC or Mac.

7. Grindale

Instagram Fonts

Grindale is a classic and bold font that exudes elegance with a contemporary edge. Use this font to create a bold and classy headline on your Instagram post. It will easily grab your audience’s attention.

This font is versatile enough with its stylistic alternates and ligatures. These features allow you to be creative by choosing the right font style or combination for your Instagram post. Grindale also offers an extensive character set as well as supports multiple languages. Therefore, you will have the freedom you need to create great Instagram content with this font.

8. Black Corps

Instagram Fonts

If you are looking for powerful bold fonts, try this font. Just like its name suggests, it will remind you of the tactical operations of the armed forces. Using this font will give your Instagram an impactful design especially if you are working on military-themed posts. However, you don’t need to worry about its versatility as this font is still versatile enough to use for other projects.

The bold and straightforward design will look great as a headline on your Instagram post. You can also use this font to create an attention-grabbing announcement on your Instagram. 

9. Meritta Serif

Instagram Fonts
Credit: creativemarket

Meritta is a beautiful classy font that will look nice on your Instagram post. It has variable ligatures and alternates which will give you extra flexibility when using this font on your design project.

The swirly embedding makes this font looks elegant. Use this font for your elegant-themed Instagram. It is easy to use and features a lot of flexible features that will help you use this font easily.

10. Parisienne

Instagram Fonts

Last but not least is a beautiful script font, Parisienne. Despite being a script font Parisienne is still highly legible and will look as good on smaller screens such as your phone. That is why this font is perfect for Instagram posts.

The classic and professional look of this font will stop your audience from scrolling away. Therefore, use this font to create a beautiful flair for your Instagram posts.

Now you have 10 recommendations of versatile and beautiful fonts that will look perfect on your Instagram posts. Which font that you’re going to try?

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